Bez skrivenih troškova

Iskoristite našu posebnu ponudu koja uključuje neograničen broj korisnika.

Sve funkcije su uključene.

Backstore licence kreću od 349,00 kn mjesečno bez dugoročne obaveze (minimalnog trajanja ugovora). Licenca ne ovisi o broju korisnika te uključuje sve prezentirane funkcionalnosti.

Changes were immediate. Implementing Backstore resulted in enhancing efficiency, and we could spend time scaling the business across borders.

Ivana Pelivan
CFO, Steora Smart Bench

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349 kn mjesečno bez skrivenih troškova posebna ponuda
  • Neograničen broj ponuda
  • Neograničen broj korisnika
  • Neograničen broj skladišta
  • Sve funkcionalnosti

Često postavljena pitanja

Can I really add unlimited number of users?

Our licences are not based on user count - add as many team members as you like.

Do you offer custom inventory management solution?

We will help you setup and customize Backstore to fit your business on any plan you choose. If you need development of new custom features integrated with Backstore, we offer an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.

What documents determine my monthly plan?

Purchase documents, delivery notes, invoices, manufacturing orders, service orders and maintenance orders are counted towards your monthly number of documents.

Hoću li dobiti pomoć pri korištenju programa?

Naravno! Posebno ćemo Vas voditi prilikom postavljanja Vašeg korisničkog računa. U bilo kojem trenutku možete ugovoriti online sastanak.

Do you need my credit card to get started?

We do not request your credit card details during a trial or pilot. You can try out Backstore completely free without any commitment.

What features are included in my plan?

Every plan includes all available features. We believe your business deserves all inventory management features without upgrading to higher pricing plan. You can temporarily disable features you don't use.

How many quotes can I create a month?

You can create unlimited number of quotes. You can also create unlimited number of stock transactions, write off notes and similar internal company documents.

Mogu li izvršiti uplatu licence na žiro račun?

Za godišnje licence moguće je izvršiti uplatu na naš žiro račun. Molimo Vas da nas kontaktirate za predračun.