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Multiple warehouses, currencies and unlimited users.
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Get real time stock reports
Manage your
inventory online
Clear overview of current inventory supplies and historical stock transactions are one-click away.

Set minimum quantities and expiry dates - know when it is time to make a new purchase.
Create Professional Quotes, Invoices and Delivery Notes
Simplify the process from quote to delivery and final invoice.

Advance payments
Track and manage advance payments with ease. Quickly create final invoice upon delivery of goods.

International invoices and EU regulation
Be compliant when invoicing within the EU. Backstore automatically applies currency exchange rates on international invoices and adds VAT specific notes.

Custom design and branding
There is no limit in customizing documents like invoices, quotes, delivery notes etc. Using the simple Word templates create your unique look and feel.
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Powerful price lists

Sell at the right price

Create unlimited price lists for your special customers or setup one-time discounts of specific products and product categories.

Easily change prices on products in advance and set prices in multiple currencies if needed.
Delivery notes and invoices

Track multiple deliveries with one invoice

Track all your deliveries of goods to customers and quickly create invoices at the end of month.
Product categories, variants and LOTs

Organize your product catalogue

Organize your inventory in hierarchical categories. Quickly create different variants of the same product by color, size and custom properties or create LOTs with an expiry date.
"Using Backstore apps we easily control the inventory from all locations with internet access. That enabled us to speed up and improve purchasing process."
Ivan Mrvoš

Cloud Solution for Inventory Management

Find out how Backstore can change your manufacturing, wholesale or retail business without investing in hardware and software setup.
Manufacturing Orders
Create new product from existing ones you have on stock using product recipes. Get the manufacturing price so you can set selling prices for new product.
Service Orders
Track repairs or periodic services of products. Once finished, quickly create an invoice for work done and materials used.
Internal Documents
Use stock transfers, opening stock, write-offs and other internal documents to easily manage your inventory.
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