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We specialize in custom business solutions

Finding a perfect "out of the box" solution can be challenging. That's why we use Backstore as a platform to speed up development of custom inventory software.

From cosmetic changes for better user friendly interface to completely new business solutions.

Customize existing apps

You can start using more than 20 apps out of the box. If needed all existing apps can be customized.

Create a new app

We can create a new application that will completely fit your needs and be fully integrated with Backstore's core features.

Change UI/UX

When it comes to user experience, the less unnecessary information, the better. We can completely customize the user interface and make it more user friendly.

Integrate with other solutions

We think "API first". That's why you can use Backstore API to integrate your other business solutions with inventory management.

Connect to Microsoft Power BI

Utilize Microsoft Power Business Intelligent solution to create custom reports from all your data sources.

Create new user roles

Set custom user permissions and be sure that everyone in your team has access to the right information. 

Fast turnaround solution

Building custom software takes a lot of time and resources. When using Backstore as a platform, you focus only on business specific case and don't have to worry about core inventory management features.

Build a custom application

We can build a custom solution that fits your enterprise needs.

Out of the box apps

Start right away with 20+ apps available to you out of the box. Customize the look and feel of the documents to be in line with your brand.

Copy an existing app

We can start from scratch or save time by coping an existing app and customizing it to fit your business needs.

Microsoft Azure infrastructure

Backstore uses Microsoft Azure for it's infrastructure needs. You don't have to worry about availability, scalability, security and backups.

Integrate with other solutions

Use Backstore API to integrate your other business solutions with inventory management. Streamline data across the entire enterprise..

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Enterprise Services

The little extras that makes stand out of competition.

Dedicated onboarding
Let our team handle onboarding - from importing product information to customizing documents.
Custom development
We understand that your have special needs. That's why we work with you to customize Backstore to fit your business.
API first solution
We think "API first" - there is no data that's unavailable or action that you can not make using Backstore's REST API.