Manufacturing Software

Real time stock supply data for your raw materials, components and final products.

Manufacturing process

Find out how you can track your manufacturing orders and have real time stock supply data.

Compare years of data and drill down to quarters, months, week or even days. Filter and group by warehouses, products, categories and customers.

Manufacturing orders

Produce final products and components from raw materials using simple manufacturing orders.

Final products and raw materials

Organize your product catalog and track items by raw materials, components and final products.

Multiple warehouses

Choose simple one-warehouse option or track your inventory using warehouses for raw materials and final products.

Automatic production costs

Production costs are automatically calculated based on moving average cost of materials and done work.

Product recipes

Easily start your manufacturing tracking using product recipes (bill of materials).

Producible quantities

Real time info of total producible quantaties based on current stock supply.

Build a custom application

We can build a custom solution that fits your enterprise needs. Save time by utilizing the Backstore platform and make sure it's integrated with other inventory apps.

Out of the box apps
Start right away with 20+ apps available to you out of the box. Customize the look and feel of the documents to be in line with your brand.
Microsoft Azure infrastructure
Backstore uses Microsoft Azure for it's infrastructure needs. You don't have to worry about availability, scalability, security and backups.
Integrate with other solutions
Use Backstore API to integrate your other business solutions with inventory management. Streamline data across the entire enterprise.

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Work smarter with intuitive inventory software.

Materials and other costs

Moving average cost of materials used will automatically be added to manufacturing cost. Easily add additional costs such as labor and finishing service


Reverse the production process by dissembling final products into components to be sold or used in production.

Custom statuses

Track your manufacturing process using custom statuses that you define. Easily filter and move from one status to the next one.

User permissions

Set a security permission for each user and make sure they have access only to data you want them to.

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Enterprise Services

The little extras that makes stand out of competition.

Dedicated onboarding
Let our team handle onboarding - from importing product information to customizing documents.
Custom development
We understand that your have special needs. That's why we work with you to customize Backstore to fit your business.
API first solution
We think "API first" - there is no data that's unavailable or action that you can not make using Backstore's REST API.