Manufacturing Inventory Software

Real time stock supply data for your raw materials, components and final products.

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Manufacturing Features

Find out how you can track your manufacturing orders and have real time stock supply data.

Manufacturing orders

Produce final products and components from raw materials using simple manufacturing orders.

Final products and raw materials

Organize your product catalog and track items by raw materials and final products.

Multiple warehouses

Choose simple one-warehouse option or track your inventory using warehouses for raw materials and final products.

Product recipies

Easily start your manufacturing tracking using product recipes (bill of materials).

Automatic production costs

Production costs are automatically calculated based on moving average cost of materials and done work.

Producible quantities

Real time info of total quantities that are producible with current raw materials stock supply.

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What's on stock?

Get a clear real-time overview of current stock supplies on multiple warehouses - from any location with Internet access.

When to make a new purchase?

Be alarmed when stock supply is below the set minimal quantity or the expiry date is coming up.


Customized data

Personalize the data you get from Backstore by activating columns you find important for your business.

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