Get your products organized

Manage your product catalog online. Get organized and eliminate duplicate items.

Find the right product

Find out how you can make your product catalog more organized and smarter using Backstore.

Quickly find products you have been looking for. Search by SKU, name, manufacturer, category and custom properties.

Unique stock keeping unit

Enforce unique SKU to avoid duplicate products and get a clear stock report.

Product variants

Quickly create different variants by color, size and other properties.

Product recipes

Put together a new product using product recipes and get an assembly cost.

Hierarchical categories

Organize your products in a hierarchy and gain insight into sales performance for each category.

Minimal quantities

Set minimal quantities for each product to be alarmed when it's time to make a new purchase.

Expiry date and series

Create product series and set expiry dates for food, drugs and similar products.

Build a custom application

We can build a custom solution that fits your enterprise needs. Save time by utilizing the Backstore platform and make sure it's integrated with other inventory apps.

Out of the box apps
Start right away with 20+ apps available to you out of the box. Customize the look and feel of the documents to be in line with your brand.
Microsoft Azure infrastructure
Backstore uses Microsoft Azure for it's infrastructure needs. You don't have to worry about availability, scalability, security and backups.
Integrate with other solutions
Use Backstore API to integrate your other business solutions with inventory management. Streamline data across the entire enterprise.

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Product Catalog

Work smarter with intuitive inventory software.

Tax settings at category level

Set the tax settings at category level for each country you do business in. All settings are inherited from top down.

Export your catalog anytime

We never lock any of your data. You can always export the entire product catalogue to Excel file.

Search products

Search products by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), name, description, manufacturer and category.

Product groups and variants    

Group products and easily create multiple variants by color, size and other characteristics.

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Enterprise Services

The little extras that makes stand out of competition.

Dedicated onboarding
Let our team handle onboarding - from importing product information to customizing documents.
Custom development
We understand that your have special needs. That's why we work with you to customize Backstore to fit your business.
API first solution
We think "API first" - there is no data that's unavailable or action that you can not make using Backstore's REST API.